Photo by Noah Berger/AP

In a time of global pandemic and economic contraction, it can be easy to lose sight of the other vitally important issues facing us. Coronavirus has not differentiated between some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable populations and its richest. Equally, whilst the impact of the climate emergency disproportionately impacts the global South, it threatens us all without discrimination. As temperatures in Basra, Iraq, and Death Valley, USA both recently hit over 53 degrees Celsius, this Weekly Update contains five links, on the theme of the environment and climate change.

The Guardian has a fascinating interview with female Brazilian indigenous leader Célia Xakriabá discussing the impact that the destruction of the country’s forests is having on the health of the Earth, and the increasing prominence of indigenous women in the struggle to defend them.

David Wallace-Wells provides a sobering account in New York Magazine of the wildfires currently ravaging California and the unmistakable parallels with Australia’s Black Summer of 2019.

Politics Theory Other have an interesting podcast addressing capitalism as the key driver of the unfolding climate disaster and suggesting that our geological age could be called the ‘Capitalocene’, given the impact of our economic system on the Earth.

The links between climate change, migration, and displacement are examined in this blog post from Refugees International, with the hopeful finding that international courts are increasingly likely to use constitutional and human rights law to address the climate crisis.

Finally, this excellent article in Nature argues that governments should redirect military and security spending from weapons and the instruments of war towards the true threats to human existence: climate change, increasing biodiversity loss and global pandemics.

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